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Vittoria Launches eMTB Tires Designed to Increase Battery Life

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Vittoria has launched a new range of dedicated eMTB tires that they claim increases battery range.

The new range of tires, which are specifically labelled as eMTB tires, include adjusted offerings of their Mazza, Barzo, Agarro and Martello models. Although all tires still use the same Graphene 2.0 technology and 4C rubber compound found on the standard offerings each model has been slightly adjusted to improve their performance and ability when used with an eMTB.

bigquotes Because of their power, e-bikes need treads that do not wear out fast. Graphene improves the tread durability and rolling. This trait is very important as it positively affects the battery consumption, extending the battery life. The 4C technology, the layering process allowing to place 4 different layer of rubber compound in the same tread, improves the knobs strength and flexibility. Therefore, they can better resist to the strong accelerations of e-bikes (they do not tear off because of the higher torque) without compromising the grip. Vittoria

Vittoria claims that the new range of eMTB offerings will save on battery life with reduced rolling resistance from the graphene-enhanced compounds and that the casing, bead, tread, sidewalls have been tuned to be more puncture resistant. The eMTB offerings now feature a 120tpi 2-ply casing and they come in bright green packaging and even have a green lightning bolt hot patch just to make sure you know that these are dedicated eMTB options.

bigquotes The heavier weight of electric bikes is an issue for tires indeed. Normally, tires are the part of the bike that is more prone to damage, as it is the only point of contact with the ground. Rocks, roots, debris… all obstacles you can find on the trail can be harmful to your tires.

Now try to imagine using a 22kg bicycle! Weight adds up stress to the tire. Every obstacle becomes a weapon that can provoke a tire failure. E-bikes require tires that can handle all that weight without compromising riding safety and comfort.


The new range of eMTB tires are available now and you can find out more here

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