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Video: Yoann Barelli Guinea Pigs a 30 Foot Step Down on His Trail Bike

Happy Riding

This video is dedicated to Jody Poulton who built “Dead Fall”

Dead Fall is a beautiful trail hidden in between Pemberton and Whistler. A few months ago my buddy Audric showed me this video of Jody

After watching, Audric said, “let’s go find it, clean it, and ride it!” We found this piece of art, cleaned it to make it work again and coming soon, I’ll film an INTO THE GNAR down this gem. Be ready for some artwork guys!!

As we were cleaning this trail we found a pretty decent size step down.

Audric in the spring at the bottom of the step down and riding Dead Fall after cleanup

We cut trees, cleared it, and made it rideable. We completely thought that it was part of Jody’s plan but turns out there is another guy behind this step down! Matt Robinson built it in the fall of 2016 with the help of Conor McFarlane, but never got the chance to jump it as he broke is back/neck in NewZealand. He is totally fine now, but he decided to tone it down a bit and not push as hard anymore.

Photos of the conception of the step down by from Matt

One week later I came back to hit the step down and some dirt had been put on the landing. I contacted Audric, asked him if it was him, he said no. I contacted some other friends, negative!!

I decided to wait, someone else is on it. I’m just gonna wait to see photos out there and tire marks on the landing. 2 months later, still no photos or videos, still no tire marks. I’m not gonna wait forever. I’m feeling great on my bike, I’m gonna send it!!!!

This step down is amazing and I loved it!!

I posted the iPhone clip on Instagram yesterday and it turns out that the person who put that dirt on top of the landing is Ollie Jones. Ollie and his girlfriend Hailey Elise are two super creative photographers, shredders, and rad humans, so be ready to see some amazing photos and clips of this. Here is a rad shot from them from the 2019 Photo of the Year competition!!

Hope you enjoyed the video. It’s fun, it’s light, it’s me !!!


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Happy Riding

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