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Video: Unpacking the Geological History of Squamish Through Mountain Biking

Happy Riding

As mountain bikers, we directly interact with diverse geologic and biologic surfaces more than nearly any other sport. Focusing on just the geologic material presented on Squamish’s trails, we can construct a complete picture of the region’s formation. The film below explores this concept, using mountain bikes as a tool to discover the incredibly varied geologic processes and events that sculpted the terrain we ride today.

Keenan and Will riding on the glacial till and metamorphic bedrock of lower Meadow of the Grizzly.

Glaciovolcanic sediments and boulders form Slippery Salmon and the adjacent trails in Alice Lake.

Bryce and Micah riding glacially-sculpted slabs.

Evidence of glaciation visible on today’s trails. In the left image the surface of the rock has been polished almost completely smooth by ice. The semi-circular scars in the right photo were formed by rocks dragged across the granodiorite by a glacier.

These images illustrate the maximum thickness of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet. All material below approximately 2000m has been rounded by glaciers while the peaks that were above the ice sheet are jagged and pointed.

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Happy Riding

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