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Video: Trond Hansen’s Kidreel Lets you Tow your Kids on a Leash

Happy Riding

Most of us know Trond Hansen best as a Norwegian freerider who plied his trade with Specialized in the noughties. Now, in his retirement, Trond has toned down his riding a bit and instead enjoys taking his kid out on his local trails. There’s just one problem though, the uphills.

To help his little one up the ascents, Trond has begun crowdfunding for his new invention – Kidreel. It’s a 1.9 metre long, 2mm polyester line that attaches to the child’s bike and allows them to be pulled up the hills. At the top, the cable will return to its spool and allow the child to carry on riding as normal. There’s a handle on the other end for the adult to grab while towing and a stretch goal will include a seat post loop to dock the handle in for longer climbs.
The reel is mounted on the frame, not the handlebar, which Kidreel claims allows adults to gently steer the bike if needed but it also doesn’t completely take control away from the child allowing them to develop balancing skills.
The retail price for Kidreel is expected to be 399NOK or $40 however early birds on the Kickstarter can get one early for 250NOK ($25). More info, here.

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Happy Riding

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