Happy Riding

Video: Trail Bike Ripping in ‘For the Thrill’

Happy Riding


Lots of time during lockdown to plan and Transition Bikes coming up with the perfect bike for my riding. Made me want to work on another project with my friend and filmmaker Samuel. Both still being students we took time off almost immediately after we were allowed to again, so we had to shoot at some more local spots. Fortunately, a new riding spot was just about rideable in time for shooting. And gave us the perfect set up. We really wanted to progress the shooting and the riding for this one. Luckily we had some friends helping out with flying drones and taking BTS shots. We also tried to catch the perfect light in the evening to create a perfect piece. Overall we wanted to get way more creative with this one. We tried to create a mysterious mood. In which you get brought into when you are out there scouting for new spots to ride. All “for the thrill”.

Shoutout to Transition Bikes, Loose Riders and Fahrrad Fahrwerk for supporting this project.

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Happy Riding

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