Happy Riding

Video: ‘This is Spur Country’ with Hannah Bergemann & Lars Sternberg

Happy Riding

The roots of Transition are in freeride. Starting with heavy hitting bikes such as the DirtBag, our reputation was been built upon making bikes designed to be ridden in the most extreme ways possible. Our bikes of today, like the Patrol, reinforce this homage of where we started, and allow riders to go beyond their limits in pursuit of progression.

The Spur brings light to a different kind of progression, one less focused on going big, and more focused on going all day. Pushing your limits to get more miles under your belt, more mountains climbed, and more trail descended. All while enjoying every minute of it.

To capture this feeling, we packed up the truck and headed east to find big mountain views, endless singletrack and to see how far our legs could take us.

Our home for the trip. An important part of this project was for us to be fully immersed in what we were doing. So even though we were working on a video production, we created this without ever going back into town for food, supplies or to dry off. In typical Transition fashion, our crew existed of our two athletes, Lars and Hannah, and our two camera operators, Skye and Oliver.

Its incredible how great of food you can make with a just few simple ingredients, some oil, salt and pepper. We were living large! After some side by side taste testing, we all preferred the grilled veggies off our Treelines portable fire pit and grill vs the propane camp stove.
For a place that is known for mostly being sunny and warm this time of year, we were surprised to wake up to soaking wet tents and fog all around. Luckily riding in the wet is where we feel the most at home, and it added an element of adventure to the video that we didn’t plan for.

We headed out that morning in the rain, bags packed with food, ready for anything we may find.
Mountain biking is strenuous enough as it is, but Hannah and Lars were doing 2-3 times the normal effort in order to get the shots. Long drone clips are often 2-3 minutes of descending, only to have to turn around and head right back to where they started.
HB leading the way! The Spur may be our lightest bike yet, but that doesn’t mean you need to shy away from blasting a trail gap like this.
Snaking through these rock formations made for some spicy bonus moves. Here, Lars hops onto the high side of this rock for a pseudo wall ride.

Day one ended with blue skies. A welcomed sight as we had a chance to dry out our shoes and enjoy an evening under the stars.
All hands on deck for breakfast. Anything and everything left was thrown into a pan and served up hot.
This is what we came for. For us, this sums up what this bike, and this trip was about.

These narrow ridge lines morph into skinnies when riding at high speeds, but even this section was tight for Skye as he moved down the ridge to get this shot. Tough to see here, but this is a no fall zone to the left, and a steep tumble to the right.
Out of the alpine and into the Pine forest, these scenes were something magical. The unusually wet spring had more green popping in here than any of us had ever seen.
Lars and Hannah hooted and hollar’d their way down this flowy singletrack and off into the distance they went. Finishing one of the most organic and fun projects we have done.

Photography by Oliver Parish
Video by Skye Schillhammer

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Happy Riding

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