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Video: The Colombian Twins Who Made It Into The BMX Big League Against All Odds in ‘The Way of the Wildcard’

Happy Riding

Jun 25, 2020

by Sarah Moore  

bigquotes Discover how BMX twins Lizsurley and Queensaray prove to be ‘2 in a million’ as they work their way up from local freestylers to Olympic hopefuls despite their lack of training infrastructure and resources.

Follow the incredible stories of athletes who’ve beaten the odds and made a name for themselves, proving that anything is possible with enough determination and hard work in The Way of the Wildcard Playlist.

Identical twins, Queensaray and Lizsurley were brought up in the Colombian jungle. Their family never had much but they were instilled with determination and a will to succeed. Their scrappy, make-do attitude has seen them go from flipping their bikes into a homemade rooftop foam pit to having the chance to represent their country and make their community proud as Olympic hopefuls.

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Happy Riding

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