Happy Riding

Video: Smoke Machine Photography with Maxime Rambaud

Happy Riding

I’m not used shooting with so much equipment every day and it’s been a journey to come from the idea to the finished project. Plus, hiking with hundreds of kilograms of smoke machine gear was harder than expected. With that, we knew that we were going to struggle so we took the opportunity to shoot this behind the scenes as a reminder and to show how it’s done.

As we love shooting in a foggy forest, I wanted to accentuate that atmosphere. I wanted to push the dark atmosphere even further by taking a part in doing something more artistic and moving away from the realist side.

Having some really good friends working with MET/bluegrass, I exposed them my idea. They were kind enough to trust me on this one and help me with it.

We took some time to make some portrait and lifestyle photos

If you want to see more Maxime’s work, give him a follow on Instagram : Maxime Rambaud

Rider : Benoit GurnelJerome Caroli
Video : Louis Abhamon
Thanks to : Yann Ruffier

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Happy Riding

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