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Video: Rocketing in Redcar with Danny Hart – Live To Ride Ep 6

Happy Riding

In this episode of Live To Ride we catch up with British downhill legend Danny Hart. Based in Redcar in the North East of England, he’s fondly known as the Redcar Rocket. A summer without racing has meant extra time riding motocross, pedal laps at his local hill and time with his wife Sofia and newly born daughter Sadie.
Danny Hart, we all know him, two times world champion, a regular visitor to the top step at the World Cup. His house is a quite literal shrine to his past achievements and so it should be.

bigquotes I see things all the time of riders who’ve just sold everything and I didn’t want to be like that.Danny Hart

Although you might think a summer without racing is the hot news in this house, it’s actually overshadowed by a new member to the family. 5 months ago just before racing was due to start Danny and Sofia had their daughter Sadie.

bigquotes It’s been good – especially with Sofia being so good and hands on I can still get out and do what I have to do. Sadie is nearly 5 months old, she’s changing every week which is coolDanny Hart

Redcar, like so many towns in England was once a thriving industrial hub for steel production and fishing. In more recent years they’ve closed down the majority of the steel works which lay dormant on the edge of town.
From Danny’s local trails you get a great view over Redcar. This hill was a favourite during lockdown, only a short pedal from his house its proven a handy local spot. Usually Danny would be riding his downhill bike but due to most downhill venues in Britain requiring shuttles they’ve all been shut so he hasn’t had any time on the big bike.

bigquotes I’m fortunate enough to ride from here to the trails, the kids have been building loads of trails in the woods.. I’d never usually ride there but now I know it’s not even that bad to ride..Danny Hart

More time off racing has meant more time on the Moto, Danny would usually pack up around Christmas for fear of injury before the season but for the first time in his adult life he’s been able to enjoy some of the glorious weather we’ve been enjoying here in the UK.
When quizzed about why he rides Moto he said:

bigquotes With not being able to ride downhill this is the closest I can get to them sort of speeds. I’ve been doing 30 minute Motos, it’s really good training the heart rates are high.Danny Hart

As the lockdown has eased Danny has been able to go further afield and start to see a few friends, a new Velosolutions pump track in Chopwell Village has offered a bit of variety to his riding.

bigquotes When you’re watching this I’ll be out in Les Gets and Morzine out in the Alps, just getting my feet back on the ground with the bike because I obviously haven’t ridden for quite a few months now. For me it’s still not 100% we’re going to go but I’m going to get away and get riding and I’ll make sure I’m ready either way.Danny Hart

Some of you have asked to see a behind the scenes look at how we make these films so we’ve done a VLOG that covers Nico’s journey throughout the filming, it includes a closer look around Danny’s house as well as some extra insights into Danny and some general tips and tricks about filming with Nico, see that below:

Thanks as ever, we’ve got a busy few weeks coming up with plans to film with Tom Isted, Sam Hodgson, Vero and Leo Sandler then hopefully a trip up to Scotland to film with Lewis Buchanan, Ella Connolly and Mark Scott.

Video & words: Nico Turner
Photography: Kieran Kenney
Rider: Danny Hart
Sponsor: Madison Saracen

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