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Video: Ripping on the New Status With Joel Anderson & Matt Roe

Happy Riding

Joel Anderson is already a name to be reckoned with in the UK, but match him up with BMX legend Matt Roe, and it turns out you have quite the duo. Once the strict lockdown was lifted in the UK, we (safely) headed out to some of Joel’s local tracks for a few days of well, pretty bonkers action in the dust bowl that was the South West. Aboard their fresh Status bikes, chaos ensued.

Matt had a right old time of it on the first day. Admitting he was probably pushing too hard, he had a stack of crashes in succession, resulting in a huge winding and potential broken ribs. But, he was all good and sat out the remaining day after losing pretty much all of his core strength. Man down.
Understandably, Joel knows these tracks like the back of his hand and it shows. The first track on the video is one he dug over lockdown, aptly named ‘Covid19’. As you might expect, conditions like these don’t roll around too often in the UK, usually just a few weeks of the year, but we had a good few months of dusty, drought-like conditions that we fully took advantage of, sliding over loose rock and fine dust.

Aside from the crashes, Matt’s style is something every rider loves watching and aspires to imitate. Flow and steeze down to an absolute tee. Not to mention one of the funniest lads around.

The audio was completely captured on personal mics to try and enhance the raw sound and vibe between the guys. Do you think it worked well? It was a bit of a test really, but it seemed to go okay.
These two are quite the duo. Very different styles and backgrounds but have an absolute blast together on the bikes. Hopefully we can see some more of them soon.

Video / Words – Caldwell Visuals
Photos – Ian Lean ‘The Banger Machine’
Riders – Joel Anderson & Matt Roe
Thanks – Jacob Gibbins

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Happy Riding

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