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Video: Richard Gasperotti’s Self Shot Freeride Edit in the Hills Around Prague

Happy Riding

These days, it looks like history, yet only a few weeks ago we were tightly caught in a lockdown due to the Covid-19, and nobody guessed how the things would evolve. It seemed that our country would stay in complete isolation for quite a period. Under given circumstances, I was forced to bring all my running projects to a halt and resolved to launch a brand new one concerning my closest neighbourhood around Radotín where my family was staying. 

For better or worse, the new situation offered me a lot of time to explore the area the way I have never done before. Due to the official quarantine imposed over the country and fear from up until then unknown contagion, I failed to meet any of my friends and decided to shoot a ‘selfie’ video. 

In the first steps, I began with spot scouting and then started to learn to fly with a drone. I couldn’t believe how much time it took to manage it. Only spot setting took about 20 hours of work, but the hard part was about to come. In the beginning, I had no idea how difficult it will be to get the drone under control. After a successful take-off, I had to find the right angle while using a connection with my smartphone. When I started recording, I climbed up the hill to the bike and tried my chances. Two times it happened that the drone ran out of the battery and crashed against the rock but luckily made it to survive. Many times I found out that the shots were shit and had to shoot them on and on. Just for an example: from an average 3-minute take, I only used 3 seconds in the movie despite 45 minutes spent on preparations of the scene.

Learning further lessons, I focused on light and other details. To make the result more visually attractive, I mixed the drone takes with the footage shot by a mini DJI OSMO camera in 2,7K standard that resulted in my computer froze while the first downloading attempt. My laptop simply refused to process all the 130 GB of data. In the end, I decide to edit the video in the I Movie app in the basic setting. Even though the boarders had opened and the lockdown was relieved before the project was done, I decide to proceed it till the end and so here you are with the first completely self-made biking video ever. I hope that you’ll enjoy it. (Some more spots will be added if the second wave strikes.)

Richard Gasperotti
DJI Mavic Mini / Osmo Action
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Happy Riding

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