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Video: Remy Metailler on How he Approaches Guinea Pigging a Big Drop

Happy Riding

There is that big drop that a friend built and he asked me to guinea pig it…

Definitely a bit of adrenaline doing something like that. I had not been on my downhill bike since September or October. You can have a lot of experience doing similar features there is always a bit of unknown when doing it for the first time, and when no one else has jumped it easier. Many questions come to my mind while preparing to drop: Is the landing too short? Too flat? Do I have enough speed? Can I slow down enough before the end of the run out? What if I bounce? Should I slow down even more my rebound? Is my fork stiff enough?

In this video Chris Ricci and I converse about the process while attempting this big drop.

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Photos: @tylermatthewphotography
Video: @influxproductions

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Happy Riding

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