Happy Riding

Video: Pushing Hard on a eMTB with Brendan Fairclough

Happy Riding

Jul 31, 2020

by Ed Spratt  

bigquotes I finally got the Scott E Genius back on the road and she’s better than ever. We have new TRP breaks and some super cool bike hacks going on the new controller. I took it down to MB Cyclery bike shop and got the boys to do some mad mods to it. I thought I could pop down and quickly swap the breaks over but that was not the case. 3 hours later and lot of apologising on my side we had a fulling working ebike again. Stoked!

We then hit the woods. I use my ebike a lot in the winter but don’t tend to ride it so much in the summer. I like to ride my normal mountain bike instead as the uphills don’t seem so hard to mange in the summer months.

Loved ripping the E-bike around and learning its limits. Pretty sure we found them on the steeps but no where near on the jumps. This thing jumps so well. No wonder Sam Pilgrim rips them hard on dirt jumps.

Brendan Fairclough

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Happy Riding

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