Happy Riding

Video & Photo Story: Shred Hard Summer Camp at Sun Peaks Resort

Happy Riding

bigquotes Sun Peaks has a tiny village, you can see from one end to another. Like any small town, it’s full of familiar faces, especially for Dylan Sherrard.
On our way to the chairlift, it seems like every grom in sight has something to tell Dyl. They heckle him, ask to ride his bike, shout inside jokes, song lyrics, trail conditions, short stories about broken bike parts. He remembers all their names. He laughs with their parents about them. I realize that Dylan is both 10 and 30 years old.

I’m not sure what happened to the missing 20 years, but I have a suspicion that’s how long he’s been mountain biking. This would be Dyl’s 10th summer of Shred Hard Summer Camp. That means most of the kids in camp can’t remember mountain biking without him. His goofy, fun-first shred lessons have built a community on the mountain.  A community that can be seen by one ride up the chair. The campers stand out by their abilities. They blast through the park in packs, dusting berms and sneaking through secret lines. They goon the airs and heckle each other. But as I get to know them throughout my week of coaching, something else becomes apparent. They support each other. They lend tools, tubes and advice. They smile when conditions suck. 

Dyl tells me that he wants to share his experience with them. To show them how to approach riding in a way that makes fun the priority, where progression is just a by-product.
The unspoken result of kids riding together in an ego free environment?

Things that can’t be taught. Confidence, respect, and friendship.

Matt Hunter

bigquotes In my riding, I’ve always put playtime on a pedestel. That’s the vibe I’ve always hoped to build at Shred Hard Summer Camp. A space where kids feel calm, confident, and inspired to learn by playing on the trails. In that supportive environment, chasing your friends down the trail, it’s impossible not to feel you’re riding progressing and becoming more enjoyable with each passing lap. Dylan Sherrard

bigquotes It’s summer camp for me, too. I get to spend a week posted up in paradise, charging my favourite trails, and hanging with my best friends. The kids and parents are always so thankful, but I’m like, ‘No, seriously, thank YOU.’ This what my summer dreams look like. Dylan Sherrard

“Easy Rider” by Eddie Berman
Album: Before the Bridge

The groms of Sun Peaks
Dylan Sherrard
Matt Hunter
Matt Miles
Kurtis Walton
Brett Tippie
Sean Melnechuk

Special Thanks:
Sun Peaks Resort

Directed by: Matt Miles & Dylan Sherrard
Filmed/Edited: Matt Miles and Friends
Images: Dylan Sherrard

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