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Video: Petr Vinokurov Hits a 45 Foot Drop in Russia

Happy Riding

Words: Petr Vinokurov

I’ve built such a huge drop for the first time! I am very glad that I turned my old dream into reality. We’ve waited several weeks for the rain to stop and the speed trail to become dry. And finally, I can show you the video. Be sure to watch with headphones or good monitors to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of RAW.

At the beginning of May, while climbing the green track of the bike park in Sochi, I saw an old construction road running along the new serpentine, which the builders of the latter used to get up to 960m, and thought it was a good spot to land. It took only 8 days to build. I have been looking for a suitable place for a long time.

I think this is not the most difficult jump in size and flight time. But a short landing and a turn after it, as well as a turn before the jump add some difficulties … Diagonally, from the end of the drop to the start of landing – 14 meters.

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Photo: Nikolay Chernyavskiy
Video: Nikolay Chernyavskiy and Andrey Burylov

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Happy Riding

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