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Video: Peaty’s Launch a New Dry Version of their LinkLube

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Peaty’s has launched a new addition to its product range with a dry version of their LinkLube lubricant.

LinkLube Dry is a biodegradable wax-based chain lube based on the brands previous all-weather offering. The formula uses a mixture of waxes suspended in a water-based emulsion is designed to be most effective in the driest, dustiest conditions where the standard LinkLube product would pick up unwanted dirt and grime.

bigquotes LinkLube all weather is our one-stop chain lube for most weather conditions. while the base carrier fluid we use has fast penetrating, chain cleaning properties, it will never become fully dry to the touch. This can lead to unwanted dust attraction in the driest, dustiest conditions, so a more bespoke dry lube is required. Peaty’s

The new formula, when applied correctly, is claimed to form a long-lasting barrier filling the links and rollers on the chain with a “hard, slippery coating” that is dry to the touch once it has dried onto the chain. This can take anywhere from a few minutes if it is hot to a few hours according to Peaty’s so they currently recommend applying the night before you plan to go for a ride for the best results.

LinkLube Dry is available now and costs £7.99 for 60ml and £11.99 for 120ml. You can find out more here.

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