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Video: Panzer Updates its Evo Insert

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Press Release: Ride Panzer

After 3 years in the insert market, at Panzer we have developed the second generation of inserts, it has named Evo. This generation gives more protection to the rim, more durability and structural rigidity to the insert.

With a 15% weight reduction, the new Evo shape significantly increases structural rigidity thanks to an “internal reinforcement laminate” to make it even more rigid.


Panzer Evo special box with 125ml Tubeless Sealant

The New material named Gen3l has been developed with a clear objective: increasing the level of rim protection and extending the life of the insert itself, without negatively impacting on the insert’s weight. This material has an enormous capacity to absorb impact, and thanks to the addition of an internal reinforcement laminate its structural rigidity, the resistance to deformation and stretching has been reduced to 200%.

Detail photo of how Panzer Evo works

With the new Panzer Evo shape, the total volume of the insert has been reduced by 20%, protection in the area with the highest exposure to impact has been increased, and maximum adjustment of the insert to the rim has been achieved without negatively impacting on ease of installation.

These significant modifications entail an increase in the volume of air inside the tyre, allowing greater freedom in terms of tyre deformation.

Panzer Evo is available in 29 and 27´5 for Enduro and Downhill, and 29 XC.

29 End/DH:
Weight 90 gr.
Tire Size 2.3 – 2.6¨

27´5 End/ DH:
Weight 80 gr.
Tire Size 2.3 – 2.6¨

29 XC:
Weight 60 gr.
Tire Size 2.0 – 2.3¨

Panzer Evo 29 XC and 27.5 Enduro and DH.

Panzer Evo 29 Enduro and DH.

The new Panzer Evo is available at a price of 49.90 € including a 125ml of Panzer Sealant. and we will keep the old Panzer Classic model on the market with the Gen10 material, at a price from 35.00 €, with 125 ml. of Sealant.

To avoid compatibility problems with too aggressive tubeless sealant, Panzer includes a 125 ml. for your first dose. The first sealant compatible with any insert, latex and ammonia free.

Panzer Evo is already available in all the countries where we have distribution. You can consult any information or request its distribution on the web: www.ridepanzer.com.

Iago Garay sequence in the spot “La Casita”. Photo Fernando Marmolejo.

Riders: Iago Garay and Sergio Layos. Photographer and Filmmaker: Fernando Marmolejo.

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