Happy Riding

Video: Incredible Drone Shots of Squamish Classics with Remy Metailler

Happy Riding

bigquotes Seeing what race drone can do I have always wanted to film a mountain biking edit with one.

When Raphaël Boudreault-Simard (@flowmotionaerials) reached out to film and I was stoked to have an opportunity like that to showcase my riding, the place we live and ride and hopefully inspire people to get out and mountain bike.

Riding with a drone behind me was definitely a challenge but Raphaël was super dialled! I could not believe how he would fly that thing around! It was super fun to see him visualize and practice the line like a rider would do, and then fly it several times until he got the speed and the line like he wanted.

I recently moved to Squamish, and have loved the trail riding up there. The fun is endless and I hope this edit gets you pumped on going outside and riding your bike.

Grateful to be living and riding here.

Remy Metailler

Drone: Raphaël Bouldreault-Simard @flowmotionaerials
Music: Sparkle – Maya Isac @mayaisac.music
Riding: @remymetailler
Location: Squamish Nation
Trails: sorca.ca
Photos: @tylermatthewphotography

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Happy Riding

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