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Video: Flowy Freeride in ‘Surfing in Utah’ with Alan Mandel

Happy Riding

Filmed in the fall of 2019, Alan Mandel’s “Surfing in Utah”, is a new short movie produced by film-maker Tim DaCosta.

Mountain Bikes, Utah desert, long hikes, steep chutes, brown pow, and great memories!

bigquotes When I drop into any line on my Mountain Bike, The last thing on my mind is if my helmet will protect me. The comfort, style, and level of protection from the SHRED. Brain Box gives me the confidence to go for it and ride how I want to ride without the worry and concern of the safety of my head. That is why after my crash while filming “Surfing in Utah” resulted in me throwing up the rock sign and running back up the hill to do it again. I credit the SHRED. Brain Box for that moment, keeping me safe and allowing me to keep on shredding.Alan Mandel

All Photos and Videos by Tim DaCosta

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Happy Riding

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