Happy Riding

Video: Euro Turns & Rocky Lines on a Backyard Adventure in Sölden, Austria

Happy Riding

Except it isn’t or at least it’s worth defining adventure. Adventures aren’t a mysterious thing that only happen to explorers and you don’t have to travel 10,000 miles to find one. We are living in weird times, where we can’t travel like we used to and so we’ll have to look for adventure in our own backyards. Stop reading inspirational quotes on Insta pics and just get lost.

Rob Heran rides the newly opened black and very technical “Fernar trail” and more in the Bike Republic Sölden.
Trails in order:
Upper Fernar Trail
Ollweite Line
Gampe Trail
Leiterberg Trail

Filmed and edited by Sebastian Doerk / infinite trails

The Ballad of T-Bone Hammer Horse
If The World Was Round

Bike: EVIL Offering
Rider: Rob Heran

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Happy Riding

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