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Video: Commuter Bike Freeride with Kelend Hawks

Happy Riding

His reputation precedes him: locals around Bellingham know what Kelend Hawks is capable of on his enduro bike, when he’s pointed down any of his favorite trails. Many don’t know what he does with the rest of his time, which includes antics like commuting to work on skinny tires, pointed down chutes of loam.

Kelend uses Tannus Armour tire inserts in all of his bikes, including the bike he rides to work. Armour uses Aither 1.1 technology, a proprietary material derived from Tannus’s airless road tires, in conjunction with a traditional tube. Though using tubes may sound like a step backwards, tubes allow the Aither foam to sit directly under the tire casing, something virtually no other insert offers. It’s what gives Armour its nearly 360 degrees of flat protection and its unique planted and confident feel.

Kelend enjoys his work as a welder for a high-performance custom boat manufacturer. He also spends part of the year as a fisherman in various areas off the coast. He’s a proud dad of two kids who enjoy spending time on his top tube while he rides on one wheel.

Tannus Armour is available at www.tannusamerica.com

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Video: Branson Kendall (@branson_kendall)
Photo: Scott Osborn (@scottosbornphoto)

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Happy Riding

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