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Video: Blind Mountain Biker, Xavier Hopkins, Hits Rogate Gaps with World Cup Racer Luke Williamson

Happy Riding

bigquotes Post lockdown riding with junior world cup racer Luke Williamson, A really sick day at Rogate bike park, getting back to riding, as I had been off the bike for nearly 4 months.Xavier Hopkins

Xavier suffers from albinism, which causes too much light to enter his eyes and nystagmus, a condition that causes his eyes to shake uncontrollably. As such, he is unable to focus on things more than a few metres away. He explains, “the UK the classification is either visually impaired or blind depending on how much usable sight you have, mine is so bad that I am classed as blind, mainly because I can’t read or write without the help of a computer and special software.”

For more info on Xavier and his riding, click here.

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Happy Riding

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