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Video: Behind the Scenes of Danny MacAskill’s Trailer Flip

Happy Riding

Danny MacAskill’s creativity knows no bounds. While most of the filming was already done for his 2019 project Danny Daycare, in which he carried around his friend’s daughter Daisy (and most of the time this was a doll) in a children’s bike trailer Danny was still missing the icing on the cake. The Scottish mountain bike and trials athlete decided to step up with a trick that most of us can only dream of doing the normal way: “After getting most of the film done over about 1,5 years, it was still really something missing. I kind of had in the back of my mind that it’d be pretty cool to try to go upside down with the trailer in the back. That started a six-month mission: from trying to learn it on a foam pit, then taking it to an airbag and then trying to find a location all the way to making it all work together.”

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Happy Riding

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