Happy Riding

Video: A Full Day of Riding with Benoit Coulanges

Happy Riding

A normal day in the life of Benoit Coulanges right after the lockdown in France.

Lucky for him there are trails right next to his home.

Enduro ride in the early morning, downhill ride in the afternoon and pumptrack or dirt ride until the last light of day that is the daily routine.

He still training hard during this strange period that we are going through, waiting for the first races of the year like a lot of other riders.

” These are some spots that I ride every day.
I like Mont Pilât for its elevation, its loamy and technical trails.
My 2 downhill tracks which are at 3 minutes from my home are so good and fast to shuttle it.
The dirt spot that I made in my city Mornant is in free access and I’m so proud of this achievement. When I was younger, I have dreamed of having the same thing in my city. There are always riders who shred it, I spend a lot of time there in the evening with my friends! ” Benoit Coulanges.

Photos & video : William Klock

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Happy Riding

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