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Tiago Ferreira Climbs 17,753 Meters in 24 Hours

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Tiago Ferreira has climbed more than double the height of Everest in 24 hours and may have set a new World Record in the process.

Ferreira is the current XCM European Champion and set off on his monstrous challenge to climb as high as possible in 24 hours yesterday morning. He did the attempt on a 3km course that had a vertical gain of just over 200 meters. He completed 83 laps of the course and reached a height of 17,753 meters (58,244 feet) after cycling a total of 247.5km in 23 hours and 30 minutes. His full ride stats can be found here.

To put that distance in perspective, Everest is 8,848 meters, a passenger jet will cruise at a max of around 11,500 meters and if he did the distance all in one go he would have ended up well into the Earth’s stratosphere.

According to Red Bull Portugal, Tiago is now awaiting confirmation that his effort will result in a world record. The current world record for height climbed on a bicycle in 24 hours is 20,919 meters set on July 21 however this was done on a road, Tiago’s off-road effort should put him in a different record category.

Regardless of the record or not, Tiago’s feat remains a herculean effort and shows some mightily impressive fitness.

You can watch the last 10 hours of Tiago’s effort here:

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