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The Best Tech From EWS Races on the British Isles

Happy Riding

The EWS hasn’t been to Great Britain or Ireland since 2018 but there have been five races there in the 7 years of EWS history. Tweedlove is set to host again next year to celebrate its return to the calendar, here’s a look back at some of the best tech from Tweedlove and the Emerald Enduro.

Tweedlove 2014

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to clean a bike. The river dip is a Scottish tradition, Rene ‘Chuck Norris’ Wildhaber’s ‘hit it with a stick’ method is less well known

Wicklow 2015

Iago Garay got a custom tartan graphic on his 2015 Bronson

Two steam-punk looking caps sit atop the fork legs.

Tweedlove 2015

Wicklow 2017

Wicklow 2018

Two neat storage solutions from Isabeau Courdurier – a derailleur hanger on the rocker and a quick link taped to the brake line.

Pagey got himself a custom sweet ride for the 2018 Ireland race

The Evolution of Greg Callaghan’s Wicklow Bikes


Full bike check, here.


Full bike check, here.


Full bike check, here.

*Answer – Richie Rude

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