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Shimano Brings Back the SPD Sandal for Its 25th Anniversary

Happy Riding

After 25 years since they first debuted, Shimano has decided to release an updated version of their SPD Sandals giving a whole new generation of riders the chance to feel the breeze between their toes as they hit the trails. If that’s really something people want.

The SD-501A SPD sandals haven’t seen many changes since Shimano released a modern version of the infamous classic after the brand marked 25 years of SPD in 2016. The main difference with the anniversary offerings is the all-new textured footbed with Shimano claims offers a more secure grip for your toes. Also, the Sandals now have a design that more closely resembles the originals with retro styling and the classic yellow SPD logo. They come with adjustable velcro straps to ensure a close fit and the sole is compatible with 2-bolt SPD cleats.

Starting this week the 25th Anniversary sandals will be available for $130 a pair in 38-48 EU sizing. You can find out more here.

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Happy Riding

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