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Rocky Mountain Announces ‘Overtimepack’ External Battery for their Powerplay eMTBs

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PRESS RELEASE: Rocky Mountain Bicycles


The Overtimepack allows you to ride your Powerplay farther than ever before, putting more time in on the trail before needing a charge.

The Overtimepack is a range extender for our Powerplay lineup that offers an additional 330 Wh of battery capacity. When combined with our massive 672 Wh Powerplay battery, you have over 1000 Wh to drain before it’s time to rest.


Compatible with: Instinct Powerplay, Altitude Powerplay, Growler Powerplay
Capacity: 330 Wh
Weight: 2039 g (including mounting hardware)
Charging: 80% in just over 1 hour, 100% in 2 hours
Pricing: $799 CAD / $649 USD / 680 EUR

The Overtimepack drains its full 330 Wh capacity before you use any of the 672 Wh battery in your Powerplay. Your iWoc remote will read as fully charged until you begin to work your way through the main 672 Wh battery of the bike. The “RIDE MORE, FASTER, FURTHER” indicator on the Overtimepack will let you know how much of your 330 Wh battery remains.

Overtimepack draining sequence

Drain the Overtimepack first, then your Powerplay battery

No need to stop & swap batteries
Already plugged in, just keep riding.

Anti-rattle rigid attachment
Exterior battery mounts are notoriously sloppy. We offer a solid mount that’s designed for aggressive mountain biking.

Theft deterrent design
Tooled attachment discourages the theft of expensive accessories.

A more comfortable way to carry more energy
No need to carry a heavy battery on your back. Not only is it unsafe, but it can also throw your balance off.

A better handling eMTB
Overtimepack pack is located down low on the bike by the drive.


You can use the standard Powerplay 5A charger for the Overtimepack (while attached). You can charge both batteries in parallel with two separate chargers even more quickly. Overtimepack can serve as a Jerrycan charger, filling the main battery without a charger. It takes 2.5 charges of the Overtimepack to Jerrycan fill a 672 Wh Powerplay battery completely.

If the 672 Wh battery in your Powerplay is empty, the Overtimepack will charge your battery to nearly 50% in a little over 2 hours.

For more information on the Overtimepack, visit bikes.com/Overtimepack. To find a Rocky Mountain dealer closest to you, visit www.bikes.com/dealers.

Video by Liam Mullany
Photography by Margus Riga

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