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Qualifying Photo Epic: Downhill Southeast – Windrock II 2020

Happy Riding

With COVID-19 on the upswing here in the United States, restrictions in North Carolina forced the second round of the Downhill Southeast series back to its previous rounds setting, Windrock. Even though the location is the same, nothing about the racecourse is, however.

Although different tracks were laid out for both groups of racers (Pro/ Cat 1 and Cat 2/3) than the previous round, the biggest change would be the track condition itself. No precipitation leading up to the event caused the track to be very loose and dry, a big change from the first race here at Windrock. Gone was the pristine dirt and in its place was a washed-out, pebbly surface. The heat was still a factor just as it was at the previous round, however, everyone has seemed to have adjusted to it nicely as summer has rolled around. The dry, loose, muggy conditions could give way to even more treacherous conditions tomorrow with rain in the forecast for the early afternoon. Summer showers are a real thing here.

Seeding here at DownHill South East is only for Pro/Cat 1 men and women. And at the end of the seeding runs it was Frida Ronning qualifying in first in Women’s Pro with a time of 3:30 with Rachel Pageau ( 3:38 ) in second and Caroline Washam ( 4:13 ) in third.

California boy Charlie Harrison brought home the first place in Men’s Pro with a time of 2:51, with series founder/organizer Neko Mulally in second only 3 seconds behind. Seth Hanson rounded out the top three with a time of 3:01.

One corner, four riders

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