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Podcast Round Up: Riding on Water, Coaching the Pros and Trash Free Trails

Happy Riding

Here are some of the best podcasts that have been filling our earbuds this month that didn’t make it to the homepage:

Joe Barnes Talks About Starting His Own Race Team, Creativity and Much More

Where do you start with Joe Barnes? A professional mountain bike rider, race team manager and creative boundary explorer both on and off the bike.
On this episode of the podcast we take a deep dive into how Joe first discovered mountain biking and discuss his early influencers, hear why he decided to step away from being a factory supported rider to starting his own race team and, find out where the creativity stems from.

Thomas Genon on Riding on Water and Learning New Tricks

“In truth I F#%ing hate water”

Tommy G talks about the BikeKingdom video filmed in Switzerland where he had to ride on water, which he hated every second of. He explains how he learns tricks including the 9 step program to backflips. Thomas also explains a hearing problem he has suffered his whole life and how dealing with it has made him who he is.

Pro Coach Alan Milway Speaks to the Physical and Mental Side of the Sport

Alan Milway has reached the pinnacle of the mountain bike coaching world and has a holistic view. He has worked with the likes of Gee and Rachel Atherton , Danny Hart , Brendan Fairclough, Tracy Moseley and now Greg Minnaar to name just a few. He shares such great insights into racing , physical and mental side that you can use to help to improve so many sides of your riding and life.

John Oldale on Marin Bikes, World Cups, Fox Head and the Olympics

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Insider featuring John Oldale the head of international marketing for Marin Bikes and currently overseeing their UK operations.

We take a deep dive into the mountain bike industry with John and unearth the story behind his career. From sports technology to self defined MTB bum, John has had a unique path to his current role. We touch on John’s early career and his development of the New Zealand Olympic race team bikes that went on to win silver in the 2012 London Olympics. We look back at John’s role as head of European marketing for Fox Head and their bike division and how he is now helping to shape the future of Marin Bikes. From athletes to racing, product development and the future of E-bikes, we go behind the scenes of another unique and successful career and a man who is helping to challenge the status quo in the bike industry.

Trash Free Trails – Our Trails Need You

Trash Free Trails needs YOU. Litter on our trails, and especially plastic pollution, is a problem. Not just because it looks a mess, but it’s environmentally damaging too. Up until now, it has purely come down to relying on us being good citizens and not leaving our mark on the environments that we ride in. However, this alone is sadly not enough to keep our trails free of plastic pollution.

Enter Dom Ferris and Trash Free Trails. Dom is a long time mountain biker with an inspirational story, who has a passion for clearing up our outdoor spaces. After spending many years helping Surfers Against Sewage improve our beaches and oceans, he’s now turning his attention full time to our trails. I wanted you to know more about what Trash Free Trails are doing, and hopefully, you’ll want to get involved in some way. I sat down with Dom for a chat to find out more about what led him to where he is now, what Trash Free Trails is, and how we can all help. So hit play and give this episode with Dom Ferris from Trash Free Trails a listen, and then get involved.

Chatting with DH Racer Jackson Frew

I am so happy to have Jackson finally share his story on this podcast!!

As a fan of his since before he was on GT, I was always intrigued as to what drove his passion for racing. He became a household name while on GT and then out of know where he was back doing his own thing.  Everyone in the industry was gobsmacked but, it now completely makes sense.

We chat about his love for Datsuns, racing, and how important it is to have people you trust around you. I hope you enjoy it.

Robin Wallner Talks About Racing, Fatherhood, How He Learns Stages and More

Swedish mountain biker Robin Wallner is one of the fastest enduro riders on the planet. He came from downhill racing, and made the move to enduro in late 2014. He has subsequently shown that he’s capable of standing on the podium alongside riders like Sam Hill and Martin Maes, making him a serious contender for the overall. We sat down to chat about his career so far and how fatherhood has impacted his racing. We also chat about bike setup, learning stages and plenty more. Oh, and Robin gives away a special little tyre tip that I’ve not heard anyone talk about before. So hit play below and give this episode with Robin Wallner a listen.

How To Get Started On Your MTB Journey with Adam Copley PT
[PI=18992025[/PI]On episode #146 we are chatting with personal trainer Adam Copley. Adam runs his own Personal Trainer business out of the UK, focusing mainly on mountain biking, posture correction, mental wellbeing and anything else that will help you get out and hit the trails with more confidence and stoke.

Adam has been a personal trainer for a number of years and has worked with all types of clients helping them achieve all types of different goals, but mountain biking is where his passions lie. He started mountain biking when he was a kid, building jumps in his local forest and spending most of his time messing about on bikes with his mates. After University and everything else that comes with early adult life, Adam lost touch with mountain biking but when he got his career path heading in the right direct, mountain biking would again play a large part in his life.

We chat to Adam about how the Covid pandemic has effected his PT business and the positives he has taken out of it to help build new relationships and connections. We also chat about how you can best get started on your mountain bike journey regarding bikes, trail riding, gym workouts and what mistakes to avoid. To finish we touch on why it is important to look after our trails, help with maintenance and take our rubbish home. Enjoy the show!

CJ Selig on the Adidas & Five Ten Merger, UCI World Cups, Choosing the Best Athletes & More

Cj is the Global Sports Marketing Manager for adidas outdoor and 5.10 bike, working with some of the most iconic athletes in the world including the likes of Danny Macaskill, Steve Peat and Tahnée Seagrave. We go behind the scenes to find out about how she got into the industry and unearth what has gone into her career. Touching on the adidas and Five Ten merger, UCI World Cups, how to choose the best athletes and more. The Insider Ep.1 starts off with an incredible talent from the industry and gives you the inside scoop on the action and outdoor sports world.

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