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Pinkbike Poll: Who Will Win Once Racing Returns?

Happy Riding

Right about now we would have been in the thick of a racing season. Articles galore covering the downhill and enduro races, fantasy league discussions and team modifications, eagerly sitting on the edge of the sofa while Rob Warner over uses the word unbelievable and maybe even some daydreaming of being able to ride like your favourite pro.

As some parts of the world start to ease restrictions, we’re starting to get the faint smell of racing back in our nostrils. The NotARace IXS Cup Test Session gave us a faint feeling of being back at it. At least behind the scenes at Pinkbike we didn’t need much at all to get us very excited at the thought of racing.

Although in other news, sadly, races are still being cancelled in the upcoming modified series and casting a cloud of doubt and uncertainty over if we will be racing in 2020. We have everything crossed.

The 2019 DH season was simply incredible. Literally as down to the wire as you can get for both the men’s and women’s, which saw Loic Bruni and Tracey Hannah come out on top overall after a fierce season of racing.

While we really don’t know if we’ll actually go racing at an elite level this year, we can still speculate. And perhaps the current situation of lockdowns and restrictions now becomes a legitimate player in athletes’ performance if and when racing resumes. Are the riders in countries who experienced stricter lockdowns going to be at a deficit to those in countries where the restrictions haven’t been as severe?

Looking back to the overall of the 2019 season for both World Cup DH and EWS as a starting point for discussion, let’s have a punt at who you think will come out on top when we finally, and hopefully, get back between the tape.

In the 2019 EWS series, Sam Hill won the overall and with it his third overall title, something never done before in the sport. Isabeau Courdurier showed dominance and took a commanding lead in the overall with almost 1.5 times more points than second place.

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