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Photos: An Iron Maiden, Dance of Death Inspired YT Jeffsy

Happy Riding

Not all custom paint jobs are for pros; Aberdeenshire local Struan Cruickshank had set his sights on having a custom paint job for his new Jeffsy build. He had a few different ideas on what he could do and after some discussion we narrowed it down to an Iron Maiden tribute, and settled on a motif from the Dance of Death album cover laid out over the entirety of the frame.

With the pandemic happening, media blasting the frame wasn’t an option so many hours of toil with the not-as-good-as-it-used-to-be branded paint stripper were involved, followed by primer, and base coat before any artwork is applied. Probably half the hours involved were in removing the factory paint.

Lots of masking is part of every custom paint job, and all the lines on a geometric design like this need to be measured out and matched on either side to the millimetre. It’s not unusual to spend 5 or 6 hours masking for about ten minutes of spraying paint.

Check out more custom paint work at element9graphics.com
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Happy Riding