Happy Riding

Photo Story: The Joy of Riding Local Trails

Happy Riding

For some years, to have fun on the bicycle in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, you had to drive for hours to reach the mythical trails. During quarantine it was impossible to drive, so we had to content ourselves with riding on the trails near our house in the Lamay gorge, the heart of the Sacred Valley. Our motivation was going local, and we set out with the neighbors (@PeruvianMountainRides) to explore the area close home and get to know it like the back of our hands. As everyone knows, in Cusco, the roads appear by magic, thanks to the local community members who have the task of taking care of their cultivation fields and therefore have access. That is why there are infinity of roads, because there are infinity of fields and infinity of mountains.

This time we decided to explore a little further, pedaling up and pushing to join two valleys: where we live, and the neighboring valley called Huanco Pillpinto. We went up for 2 hours and we went down like 1 hour more, uniting these valleys and strengthening our energy with our neighborhoods and mountains. Quarantine was good for something. The downhill trail was amazing, long and fast, fun and dusty. After 3 hours approximately, we arrived home with a huge smile and with a huge desire for a cold beer. These have been our typical morning rides, pure pleasure with our bikes. Thanks to Columbia Sportswear and Giant Bicycles for the sponsor and for keep trusting in our lifestyle. For more pictures follow me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/delriosudiego/. Cheers!

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Happy Riding

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