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Photo Story: Exploring Trails in Cracow with the Scott Bartbass Group

Happy Riding

The initiative has been brought to life by three Bart’s who live in Cracow. For those who haven’t been here, Cracow is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, widely known for its Old City and Jewish District. Even though there are 800K people living in the city and more than 10 million tourists visit the city every year.

Besides many tourist attractions like Middle Age churches and monuments, 1000-year-old Wawel Castle, the biggest market square in Europe, countless bars and restaurants, the city offers a variety of sport-related opportunities like rock climbing, kayaking, road biking, and most importantly mountain biking.

Only 5 km from the Market Square, hills of Wolski Forest are located. You can find here Cracow ZOO, Pilsudzki and Kosciuszko Mount. Even though the Wolski Forest elevation difference is only around 120-130 meters, the local MTB community has created an unprecedented number of bike trails. One can find here cross country, enduro and jumping lines. You can be a beginner or pretty serious rider to have lots of fun. The most amazing aspect of it all is that it’s available 15 mins bike ride from the heart of Old City!
The goal of Triple Bart Session is to present the best spots of our local trails. Let’s start by sharing a few words about the people who stand by the initiative. Bartek Szwed and Bartek Kiszala are Scott Bartbass Group riders. Amature Enduro competitors, E-bike lovers and vivid road bikers. You can find more about them and their adventures on their video blog Full Stove.
We’ve started the day by going through XC trails called “Wąsy Marszałka”. The trail goes through one of the wildest parts of Wolski Forest. It’s a typical (in a good sense of this word) cross country trail – the coolest thing about it is that it goes through natural, very technical rock sections. Our Ransoms, despite the large shock and downhill “geo” did very well on these paths mainly thanks to the innovative TWINLOC jump lock system available only on SCOTT bikes

Right after XC warm-up, we chose to ride “Świnia” – The Pig. This trail allows great enduro practise. There are rocks, jumps, tech and pedaling sections. It’s also pretty long. The KOM on Strava is slightly under 3 mins – so given the circumstances (it’s in the middle of the city!), it is one of our favourite trails in the area.

We’re still in the north part of the forest, where we decided to try an old DH line – it’s short, steep with exposed rocky sections.

Our next choice is Petarda – The Firecracker. It’s located in the southern part of the forest. It’s one of the most popular trails in the area with more than 1000 people on Strava segment. The first half of the trail are burns – one can really practise cornering here, the second part is much faster with some steep and fast sections. Near Petarda You can find another 3 trails in a close neighborhood.

The last part of our tour is the very well known to every local rider DH like trail called “Lopata” – The Shovel. It was created around 20 years ago. One can find here burns, jumps, transfers – there are many variations on the trail. Even though it is characterized by many as a DH trail – in reality, one can hit the best time on a hardtail bike Smile Truth be told in the early 2000s there were a few DH competitions done here – crazy times!

To get a better feeling of The Shovel – You can watch a 2 minutes edit from one of the segments on our Youtube channel – Full Stove.
We hope that You enjoyed the quick tour from Cracow local spots, and next time, when visiting the city, besides having fun in the Old Town – You will consider grabbing a bike and have some fun in Wolski Forest!


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