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Orange Releases Short Travel Evo Versions of its Trail Bikes

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Orange have today announced Evo versions of their Five and Stage Five trail bikes. The Evo tag isn’t new for the Halifax brand as we’ve seen it before on their Clockwork hardtail, where the Evo version was a lighter weight, longer travel and more aggressive version of the regular bike. This time, the Evo tag to equates to the bikes running shorter travel but with the revised geometry still included.
Both bikes have lost 15mm of rear travel and 10mm of front travel as compared to their non-Evo counterparts. That means the Stage Five Evo is now down to 130mm front/120mm rear from 140mm/135mm while the Five Evo is now at 140mm/130mm from 150mm/145mm. To go along with the shorter travel is a suspension curve that Orange claims is “radically revised” to suit the travel The new curve is the result of a combination of shock tune from the manufacturers and Orange subtly changing the contact points of the shocks to affect the leverage.
Other changes are less obvious to the eye including revised geometry with new tooling and jigs specifically built and developed by Orange for these new models. The geometry is apparently designed for a reduced offset fork that allows Orange to lengthen the cockpit but keep the rider’s weight in the same spot.
The Evo models also get an offset asymmetrical pivot, which apparently gives scope for orange to play around with chainring sizes or, more intriguingly, chainlines. Could we see that traditional Orange formula shook up with a high pivot idler in future? Other finishing touches include new bottle boss mounts, cable routing and space for piggy back shocks based on customer feedback.

The specifics of each bike are below:

Orange Five Evo

bigquotes The Five Evo is exceptional. It out-performs longer travel bikes in a manner you wouldn’t believe. Right at the start, we said these bikes are about geometry, and the Five Evo demonstrates how the new Evo geometry works to perfection. This is the 140/130 27.5 wheeled version. Bang on the money for rocky, twisty singletrack trails where surefooted manoeuvrability is your main priority. Its reactive response and composure are inspiring.Orange Bikes

Available: 26 June
Price: £5,300 ($6,600)

Orange Stage Evo

bigquotes For those who loves their wheels bigger, there’s the 29 inch wheeled Stage Evo, it features equally radical geometry numbers, especially for a bike of its category. It majors on adaptability and as such shares the same Evo suspension progression to give our tuned shocks that wonderful bottomless feel. Which wheel size you opt for is a personal choice. If your local terrain brings you long climbs, big descents and teeth chattering root sections the 29er Stage Evo is your perfect rig.Orange Bikes

Available: 26 June
Price: £5,300 ($6,600)

More info, here.

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