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Niner Debuts the RIP e9 & WFO e9 eMTBs

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In the theme of more is better, Niner has released not one, but two new eMTBs into their line up. The 150mm travel RIP e9 and the 180mm travel WFO e9 are Niner’s first foray into the electrically assisted market.

Both bikes feature Bosch’s most up to date Performance Line CX drive system, including their recently released software updates that upped torque and added new features to the system. There’s 625Wh batteries that can be accessed through the down tube for removal or charged on the bike with the port down by the motor. Niner quote ride distance in between charges as 50 miles or 80km on average, the Bosch system also has a 2-year warranty. There’s the Bosch Purion display on both bikes to control the system and give just enough information to the rider while keeping the display compact.

The RIP e9 and WFO e9 are both aluminium framed bikes with two shock mount options to give adjustability to the geometry and are backed by Niner’s lifetime warranty. Niner have invested in forging and casting moulds for the major pivot points, load taking areas and motor mount.

The bikes similarities continue with boost spacing front and rear, 30.9mm diameter seat posts, max 203mm rotor sizes and space for up to 36T chainrings. There’s also standard ZS44/ZS56 headsets too for potential options to personalise the geometry further if you’re into that.

The 150mm travel RIP e9, which can take up to a 160mm travel fork, is a full 29er affair and aimed a bit more at mid-week missions and day-long excursions. It can take up to 2.6″ tyres front and back and sees all pivots running on bearings, even the upper shock mount.

The 180mm travel WFO e9, on the other hand, is Niner’s bid to replace shuttling and access the most aggressive riding around you, easily. Despite the company name, the WFO e9 is actually a mullet bike, with a 29″ wheel up front and a 27.5″ wheel out back, with Niner citing doing this for keeping the handling snappy. The WFO e9 can take up to a 2.6″ tyre on the front and a 2.8″ tyre on the back.

The RIP e9 and WFO e9 come in small, medium and large sizes which do air on the slightly more conservative side of things with 425mm, 445mm and 465mm reach measurements respectively. So if you’re an extremely tall rider then you might be left without an option. But geometry for both bikes is aggressive with the WFO e9 having a 63.5° head angle in the low setting and the RIP e9 not far behind with 64.5°. The high position on the bikes steepens the head angle by half a degree and lengthens the reach by 5mm while raising the bottom bracket by 6mm.

Both the RIP e9 and WFO e9 use a four-bar suspension system with a Horst pivot out near the rear axle and a rocker link driving the shock, with Niner stating that both bikes kinematics have been tuned for the different needs from an e-bike while still remaining supple and supportive.

Both bikes are available to order now and will begin shipping on the 8th July in the US and the 5th August in the EU. The RIP e9 retails for $5995 and the WFO e9 retails for $6295. For more information visit Niner’s website.

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