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Mons Royale Introduce Improved Merino Apparel Range

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Press Release: Mons Royale

There’s nothing like a new so-called “standard” to get a Pinkbike forum-dwelling mountain biker interested. New steerer diameters, hub widths, wheel sizes, freehubs, chains, cassettes and bar/stem interfaces – We know you love them, so here goes – we’re gonna give you two.

Introducing Merino Air-Con and Merino Shift. Enhanced natural wool fabrics that make everything that you’ve been riding your bike in ‘til now more dated than last season’s effective seat tube angle. You simply won’t be able to ride without them.

Why? Put simply, because mountain bikers stink. Well maybe you don’t but that polypropylene riding top you’ve been sporting for the last couple of seasons does. Made from some sort of “technical” fabric, it’s actually just crude oil in woven form with a moto inspired print on it. Wear it during high output activity (like pushing up that hill you can’t clean because you haven’t upgraded to that new 53 tooth bottom gear) and it’s eventually going to develop some fairly unpleasant odours.

It’s not your sweat per-se, it’s what happens when the microbes on your skin react with your sweat. Soak up that microbial soup with a polypro fibre and you’ve got a recipe for some robust olfactory sensations. To try to prevent this plenty of companies have integrated anti-odour treatments into their fabrics, like Triclosan or silver, but here’s a PSA: the FDA banned Triclosan from soap in 2016 because of its effect on your mitochondria (cell components that play a role in reproduction and other functions) So the question in 2020 is why would you wear a fabric that contains something like that next to your skin?

We know that natural is better. (Bamboo frames excepted).

New Zealands Finest Merino Wool

Microscopic View of Merino Wool Fibres

Why does merino wool resist those odours? Well, it’s because it has a natural structure that prevents bacteria from attaching in the way it does to man-made fibres. Man-made fibres are smooth. Merino fibres have a microscopic scaled surface, like the bark of a tree, that helps lock away the problem and keep you fresh.

But that’s not all…

Merino regulates temperature. There’s nothing worse than feeling the heat start to climb up your back quarter of the way into a massive climb…knowing that when you reach the alpine, you’re going to turn into an ice block after losing all that heat you’ve built up, to the sweat-soaked sponge that is now your shirt.

It’s like a natural climate-control system.

How? Merino sheep originated in mountainous areas of the Iberian peninsula, and they thrive in extreme summer and winter climates. Their wool has evolved to keep them warm and dry in the cold, while simultaneously helping to regulate their temperature when it gets hot.

So when the merino sheep was introduced to the mountains of New Zealand, where the summers are warm and the winters icy cold, they were like “This is sick bro! What a great place to progress the species and shred grass with our flock.” (Srsly). Perfectly adapted to the mountain environment, these sheep are able to lend us their excess coat each spring to aid our own adaptation to activity at altitude.

No, we’re not trying to fleece you. And we’d never attempt to pull the wool over your eyes with a marketing stunt. It really works.

And the best bit?

Our wool is ethical. We work with ZQ Merino to source all of our fibres. The ZQ supply chain means we can be certain that the farmers we purchase from ensure their sheep live by the Five Freedoms. It also means that the wool in every Mons Royale garment is traceable to the exact farm from which it came and each of the farms they live on are consistently audited. Happy sheep produce better, stronger fibres, which means ZQ Merino represents the highest standards in quality too.

So, let’s cut to the chase: We’ve got you covered for high performance riding apparel.

Whether you’re a lift-riding park rat or a downcountry stravista; enduro bro or charged-up e-biker, our new standards in merino apparel will keep you cool on the hottest days, warm on the cool ones and comfortable on everything in between. Oh yeah – and we’ve even got garments in the new collection that don’t have billboard size logos on the front. In case that’s not your thing.

Merino Air-Con
“New standard” #1 is Merino Air-Con for all-weather performance. We’re eternal optimists here at Mons, but time in the saddle has taught us that it ain’t sunny every day and that glorious mornings sometimes turn into hellish afternoons. But that shouldn’t inhibit your riding, which is why we created Merino Air-Con, our go-to fabric for any condition. Developed for all-weather versatility, Air-Con ensures you remain comfortable through variations of altitude, humidity and temperature.

How?” you ask? Well, we wrapped a core of nylon and elastane in a tight, but tough hug of fine merino wool. This enabled us to retain all the inherent benefits of merino in a yarn that’s significantly stronger than wool alone. Merino Air-Con is a super-light fabric that is soft, highly breathable and dries quickly. So, whatever the trail or the weather throws your way, all you’ll have to worry about is making your line.

Merino Shift
“New standard” #2 is Merino Shift. Are you that person that runs a little hot? Get 5 minutes into a ride and look like you’ve taken a detour off-trail for a fully-clothed dip in a nearby river? Then this one’s for you. We developed Merino Shift to offer even faster wicking performance for high output activities. Merino Shift is a blended yarn that combines the next-to-skin comfort and temperature regulation of merino, with the fast wicking properties of polyester.

Working with team riders (like Conor Macfarlane) has taught us a thing or two about durability. Boy knows his gnar, so our Merino Shift yarn has been blended to be tough enough to cope with the demands of heavy hitting riders.

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