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Mondraker Releases Grommy e-Balance MTBs

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Love them or hate them, there’s no doubting that e-MTBs have changed the way a decent chunk of the mountain bike population ride. Now Mondraker are hoping to bring the same revolution to the youngest riders in the sport as they release their Grommy e-balance bike, available in 16″ and 12″ wheel size versions for children aged 3-8.

The big news here will of course be the motor. On a traditional e-MTB the motor is an assist. This means that as you pedal, it adds power on top of what you priovide. On a balance bike, no pedal input is possible so instead Mondraker have designed a 250W brushless motor with a throttle input. The throttle is controlled by a grip shift and has three power modes – ‘Balance’ (max speed 8.1km/h, 5mph), ‘Fun’ (max 12.1km/h, 7.5mph) and ‘Advanced’ (max 17.7km/h, 11mph). Yes, that’s right, 3-year-olds with a throttle powering themselves along at 11mph. It can also be turned off it riders want to use the Grommy without the power. The motor has a 40-60 minutes run time and a 60-minutes full charge time.


Frame: 6061 Alloy
Fork: MDK rigid
Handlebar: MDK 1.0, 500mm wide with 25mm rise, 9º backsweep, 5º upsweep and 25.4mm bore
Brakes: Tektro MD-510, 140mm rotor
Wheels: MDK Balance
Motor: MDK brushless 250W Output
Battery: MDK 4Ah 80Wh Li-ion with 18,650 cells
Weight: 8.5kg (Grommy 16), 7.5kg (Grommy 12)

The kids riding these bikes won’t be as strong as their adult counterparts so Mondraker have tried to make the Grommy as light as possible. They have a good previous record here with their Carbon Crafty RR SL e-MTB coming in at under 20kg. Using mostly components designed in house, these bikes tip the scales at 8.5kg (18.7lb) for the Grommy 16 and 7.5kg for the Grommy 12 (16.5lb).

bigquotes Since our inception we’ve strived to make bikes differently, but bringing Grommy to life has been a completely new experience for the Mondraker family, and that’s part of why it’s super exciting to introduce today.

The inspiration for the name of this e-balance bike came from a term used to describe young riders: ‘Groms.’ We’ve tried to invoke that sense of fun and freedom for younger kids in its creation – something that has never felt more important than during this difficult year.

It’s not just the bike that will allow your kids to learn how to ride – Grommy is the bike you wished you had when you were young!

Miguel Pina, Mondraker founder

Grommy will be available to buy from regular Mondraker dealers starting from an estimated retail price of 749€ and comes with a 2-year warranty. More info, here.

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