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Marine Cabirou Suffers Injury at Test Camp

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Marine Cabirou announced on social media that she has a grade 3 acromioclavicular disjunction while training with the Scott Factory DH team after a bad crash directly on her shoulder. While there is very minimal racing happening at the moment, it still will keep her off the bike for a bit. She says that nothing is broken and after a bit of rest, she’s back at training with more hiking, gym time, and rehab.

bigquotes It’s part of the game…Little over a week ago, during our test camp with the @scottdhfactory team, I had a bad crash directly on my shoulder! Nothing’s broken, but I have a grade 3 acromioclavicular disjunction. After a bit of rest, I’m back at training, not on a bike of course…for next weeks the plan is more, hiking, gym and rehab. Thanks everybody for your support, I will be back as soon as possible! Big thoughts for my mates who shredding @bikeparkchatel this week! Hope I could come very soon!!!!Marine Cabirou – Instagram

We’re wishing Marine all the best with her recovery and hope to see her back on the bike soon.

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