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Lenzerheide World Cup DH and XC Cancelled

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Just as it looked like racing was getting back to normal this week with the iXS Test Session in Schladming we have received news that the UCI has cancelled the opening round of the World Cup in Lenzerheide at the request of the organisers.

The race was due to open the World Cup season from September 4 to 6 but it will no longer be taking place after the organisers of the event cited issues around planning, implementation of security and providing effective protection measures needed at a large event. In the official press release, they mention a previous consideration of running the race without spectators to limit some of the highlighted issues but with venues capped at 1000 people currently in Switzerland, it would have been hard to have met this target with an estimated 1500-1800 people arriving just from athletes, coaches, officials, organizers, volunteers and media representatives.

This now means the opening round will be held in Les Gets, France on Septemeber 19 to 20, as long as the situation doesn’t change again. Read the full press release from the UCI and Lenzerheide below.

bigquotes Due to the current pandemic (Covid-19) linked to the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) regrets having to announce that the round of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, which was to take place in Lenzerheide (Switzerland) from 4 to 6 September, has been cancelled at the request of its organisers.

The UCI shares the disappointment of the mountain bike cross-country and downhill community and acknowledges the organisers’ efforts in these difficult circumstances.


bigquotes The 2020 Mercedes Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Lenzerheide, which has already been postponed from August to September due to the COVID 19 pandemic, cannot take place despite the intensive efforts of the organizing committee. The reasons for this are on the one hand the lack of planning and implementation security for major events from September and on the other hand the currently given protective measures, which could not have been guaranteed at an event such as the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. The canton of Grisons is unable to issue the permission required under the current regulations today, as the event will not take place until September and the regulations applicable at that time are not yet known.

Now it is confirmed

The planned 2020 Mercedes Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup from 4 to 6 September 2020 will not take place in Lenzerheide. The cancellation affects all disciplines: Cross-Country Olympic (XCO) with Cross-Country Short Track (XCC) and Downhill (DHI). The organizers in Lenzerheide very much regret the decision: “We have waited until the last possible moment and have worked hard every day to make it possible. It is all the more painful that we too will not be able to hold the planned World Cup”, says OC President Christoph Müller.

Even without spectators more than 1000 people

Lenzerheide as a venue without spectators would have been an option. But if you just add up all athletes, coaches, officials, organizers, volunteers, media representatives and other people who would have been at the venue, we would already be at 1500 to 1800 people, which is well over the permitted 1000 people. Today, nobody can guarantee that more people will be permitted at events from September onwards. An issue, that the federal council of Switzerland was reticent about at its press conference on 19 June 2020, and furthermore referred the responsibility back to the cantons.

Difficulties in implementing protective measures

In addition to the limited number of people, the organizers are concerned about the current safety measures. The currently valid protective measures, with sectors, for an outdoor event of this size are not consistently applicable. The necessary protection for all those involved cannot be guaranteed one hundred percent under the current regulations.

In the current situation, it is not possible to make a conclusive assessment of the event, as neither the epidemiological situation nor the corresponding requirements in September are foreseeable. However, a reliable basis for decision-making is essential at this stage for an event of this size, also taking into account the time needed to prepare a comprehensive protection concept. As the next decision of the federal council of Switzerland is not expected before mid-August and the canton of Grisons does not issue a special permit, the organisers have to cancel the event.

Lenzerheide Press Release

Updated World Cup Schedule:

Les Gets, France: September 19-20

World Champs Leogang, Austria: October 5-11

Two Rounds Maribor, Slovenia: October 15-18

Two Rounds Lousa, Portugal: October 29-November 1

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