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Kona Teases New Honzo ESD & Shonky Hardtails

Happy Riding

There’s a new version of the Honzo hardtail on the way, along with a complete Shonky dirt jumper, at least according to the Tinder-esque post on Kona’s Instagram account. The upcoming steel Honzo ESD has sliding dropouts, and appears to be much slacker than the current Honzo, which has a 68-degree head angle. It’s not a stretch to imagine it’ll fall into the hardcore hardtail category, where bikes like the Norco Torrent and Chromag Doctahawk reside.

As for the Shonky, it looks like there will finally be a complete version of that dirt jump / pump track machine. It’s been available as a frame-only for years, but a complete version will make it easier for riders to snag one and head for the dirt as quickly as possible.

I swiped right on both bikes – we’ll see if I can snag a date with these new options in the next month or so.

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Happy Riding

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