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How to Make Your GoPro MTB Footage Look Steep [Video]

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From Charlie Went Outside:

The GoPro effect is real. How can you counter it? In this video, I’m experimenting with seven different camera placements using a GoPro Hero 8 to determine which angles capture steepness, and which can make a hill look totally flat. Which angle looks steepest? It’s a bit subjective, but in my opinion here are the three big takeaways for anyone who wants to make their GoPro MTB video look steep:

1. POV footage won’t look steep (so get that tripod out or bring a buddy)

2. DO NOT shoot from the top of the hill

3. Getting the camera higher is better. I didn’t mention it in the video, but the higher-is-better approach is true of POV video as well, so a camera on top of your helmet will make the trail look steeper than a chest-mounted camera. However, the further from the ground the camera is, the slower you’ll appear to be going, so if you put the camera on your helmet, you’ll be making the trail look steeper but also slower.

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