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Garmin Services Shut Down due to Reported Ransomware Attack

Happy Riding

No, it’s not just you.

Mountain bikers who rely on Garmin devices and online services to track rides may have noticed problems today. According to this article from ZDNet Garmin is currently in a “multi-day maintenance window” to deal with the issue. The Garmin online status page is currently showing all services as “Down.”

Not only that, Garmin tweeted this:

The cause of the incident has not been confirmed, but according to ZDNet signs point to a ransomware-related virus.

For users who can’t wait to sync ride data with other online services like Strava, it is possible to connect your Garmin device to a computer, browse the activities directory, and grab the “.fit” file for the activity you want to sync. From there you should be able to upload the data to another service directly.

We’ll continue to follow the situation and will update with new information as it becomes available.

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