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Finals Photo Epic: Downhill Southeast – Windrock II 2020

Happy Riding

Clouds and gentle showers filled the skies and replaced the warm and muggy weather that the DHSE saw on Saturday for qualifying runs. While the rain came and went early on in the morning on Sunday, the rain didn’t saturate the track enough to change the dry and loose conditions. The precipitation did, however, knock down the heat and humidity, a warm welcome for racers, workers and spectators alike.

The dry, loose conditions continued to play in the favor of the Californian Charlie Harrison on race day. He again took top honors on the day with a run time of 2 mins 48 seconds, a little over 4 seconds faster than Intense Factory Racing’s Neko Mulally (2:52) who came in second. Local southeast racer Seth Hanson once again rounded out the podium, making Sunday’s podium the exact same as Saturday’s qualifying.

On the women’s side of things, the top three would also remain the same as Saturday’s qualifying! Norwegian born Frida Ronning once again took the top spot with a run time of 3:23, with Canadian Rachel Pageau in second (3:29) and Caroline Washam in third (3:36). The top three women also doubled up on race runs as they additionally ran the Single Crown Open class. Rachel would finish 8th in class, with Frida in 10th and Caroline in the number 12 spot.

Honorable mentions from the weekend include Specialized Gravity team member Chris Grice, who took home 4th in Mens Pro with a time of 2 mins and 59 seconds. A mere 2 seconds off of the podium, all at the age of 17. The kid is mature, humble and most of all insanely fast for his age. The future is bright for US DH racing with this kid.

Arguably (definitely) the MVP(s) of the weekend were the people who made the event happen. From the mastermind Neko Mulally, the backpack bandit Logan Mulally, to the shuttle crew, EMTs and everyone else involved with the series, your hard work doesn’t / won’t go unnoticed. Thank you for paving a way to get legitimate DH racing to the South East and getting everyone back to racing in spite of the current global situation. See you all at Snowshoe August 1st and 2nd.

Post run pain from the first and second place men’s pro finishers.

Womens Pro podium, Rachel must have missed the dog memo.

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