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EWS Announces Changes to Championship Points and the Trophy of Nations

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Today the EWS has announced some new changes to its already revised 2020 racing calendar that are designed to ensure a fairer competition for all riders.

The first change to the upcoming EWS season is that there will be no individual EWS Championship title after worries that this could be unfair for riders who cannot attend every race and would therefore miss out on important points in the overall series. Instead the EWS have created new custom winners jersey that will be given out at each round.

Although there will be no individual EWS champion crowned this year, the team title race will continue with each team allowed to bring in guest riders at each round if they are missing team members. This allows for local riders to get a chance to compete in the EWS for some of the biggest teams to help them win the overall title at the final round in Chille.

bigquotes There will be no individual EWS Championship title this season to ensure that those riders that can’t attend races aren’t left at a disadvantage. Instead, the victors of each round will be celebrated with a new custom Winners’ Jersey, provided by Giro, to be awarded at each race. This new tradition will be continued throughout 2021 and beyond, with these elusive jerseys only available to those that make it on to the top step of the podium.

The Enduro World Series Championship will, however, continue this season for Official EWS Teams. In the event that Team riders can’t make it to an event, teams will be allowed to field alternative riders in order to score Team points. This will not only allow Teams to keep their championship hopes alive and uncover new talent in each region, but also offer an incredible opportunity for up and coming local riders to experience international racing at the highest level. The winning Team will be awarded the Championship at the final round of the series.

Event cancellations due to Coronavrius mean there will also be no European Enduro Series title this year. However, the last round of the series, Enduro X Race, will still go ahead on September 19-20 in the Czech Republic and has been designated as an EWS Qualifier.


In addition, the Trophy of Nations will also no longer be held as a team event and will now replicate a standard EWS race. This means riders will start individually and the Nations race, which saw teams of three riders representing their countries, is on pause for 2020. The race in Finale is still be going ahead on September 27 with the new winners jerseys being given out to the fastest riders.

bigquotes In the interests of fair sport, the Trophy of Nations race scheduled to take place in Finale on Sunday, September 27 will now go ahead as a standard individual start Enduro World Series race. With the possibility that not all countries will be able to travel to compete and no way to create a qualification process, the Nations race is on pause for 2020. However, that means some of the biggest names in the sport will still be competing in Finale. EWS

The Amatuer rider trophy will still be taking place the day before on Septemebr 26 but in order to provide more space in the schedule and to esnrue safe distances can be met the industry trophy has been cancelled for this year.

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