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Enduro Fantasy Trivia Round 1 Winner Announced + Answers to All 14 Questions

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While the Enduro World Series is on pause and the world’s top enduro racers stuck at home waiting for the series to get back underway, we’ve been glued to athletes’ social feeds, rewatching event highlight videos, and rereading old tech articles… and many of you are likely doing the same. To put all that Enduro World Series knowledge to use, we’re running Fantasy Enduro Trivia while we wait for racing to kick off again.

Over 10,000 of you participated in the first round of trivia. We, unfortunately, had to scratch one of the questions due to an error, but we had an impressive 140 people get all 14 remaining questions right. In the draw, it was @hambone2585 that came away with first place and a Shimano XT drivetrain while @stratum came in second, taking the Shimano XT Brakeset, @Kerki taking third place in the draw for a Shimano PRO Cockpit and @rosithedog coming away with the final Round 1 prize of a Lazer helmet. Congratulations @hambone2585, @stratum, @Kerki and @rosithedog. See how YOU did in the standings by clicking here.

Round 1 Prizes
Enduro Fantasy Trivia

First Place: Get the highest score for this round and you could walk away with a Shimano XT Drivetrain, MSRP $596
Second Place: Prove how much you know about the Enduro World Series and get a Shimano XT Brakeset, MSRP $535
Third Place: The nerd with the third-most points will get a Shimano PRO Cockpit, MSRP $379
Fourth Place: Stay safe in fourth place with a Lazer Helmet, MSRP $139

Learn more about these sweet prizes at shimano.com.

Grand Prize
Season Overall

At the end of the season the overall Fantasy Enduro Champion will get the all-new Ibis Ripmo V2 complete with the new 12 speed Shimano XT M8100 groupo including the new XT asymmetrical 30mm wide rims, Fox Suspension, PRO Components featuring the all-new 3FIVE cockpit and a 170mm Koryak dropper post! Whether your goal is to conquer the EWS race series or just shred your local trails this bike is up to whatever challenge you give it, so get in the game for your chance to win this epic ride!

In what year did the EWS first visit South America?


Where was the first ever EWS race held?

Finale Ligure
Les Duex Alpes
Alpe D’huez
Punta Ala

How many more stages did Fabien Barel race after breaking his back in Chile in 2014?


The 1987 Mounta Cala des Collines Niçoises is one of the earliest recorded enduro races but who won the women’s race?

Annie Cavailles
Jeanine Jupen
Helene Barnaudy
Sandy Shroote

What’s the best EWS result by a Chillean rider?


Florencia Espinera, Lo Barnachea 2018

What is the approximate translation of the name of the lake that is next to the Bariloche EWS venue in Argentina?

Tiger Island
Monkey Bay
Stallion Lake
Lama Oasis

What did Mark Scott wear on stage 1 in Manizales 2018?

A Colombian football jersey
A sombrero
A poncho
A handlebar mustache

What is the name of the trail that made up the first half of Stage 2 at the 2017 EWS opening round in Rotorua?

Tihi o Tawa
Te Ara Ahi

The first two racers to start an EWS race were Cedric Gracia and who?

Davide Sottocornola
Leoluca Scurria
Alex Lupato
Dimitri Modesti

Which rider did Fabian Barel overtake twice on stages at Punta Ala in 2013?

Greg Minnaar
Nico Vouilloz
Dan Atherton
Sam Hill

What was the highest placed finish by a 29er at Punta Ala 2013 in the men’s race?


Who has won the most EWS races in South America?

Richie Rude
Cecile Ravanel
Tracy Moseley
Sam Hill

Ravanel – 2x in 2016 & 2x in 2018

What was Adrien Dailly penalised for at the Colombia EWS round in 2018?

Course cutting
Changing wheels
Not wearing a helmet on a transfer

Where did Isabeau Courdurier keep a spare tube during her maiden EWS win at the Tasmania opening round in 2017?

Taped to her top tube
Taped to her downtube
Taped to her seat tube
She didn’t carry one

Stay tuned for Round 2! Remember, these trivia quizzes WILL count towards the overall Enduro Fantasy League, so if you’re all all-time EWS nerd (or just have a knack for guessing!) you could be the lucky person who gets the grand prize of the Ibis Ripmo V2.

Each trivia round will feature 15 questions and feature prizing for the overall Top Nerd. Once racing resumes (fingers crossed!), we’ll continue with the regular Fantasy Enduro League and combine the points from Fantasy Trivia with Fantasy Enduro to crown the overall Fantasy Enduro Champion and present the Grand prize of a complete bike!

The Fantasy Enduro League is Presented by Shimano.

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