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Coming Up Live: Ask Us Anything with Cane Creek

Happy Riding

In April of 2018, there was a unanimous “Wait, what?” response from the industry when the 400-gram, all-titanium, $999 eeWings from Cane Creek were debuted. The cranks have gotten a lot of attention in their own right, even before the beautiful limited Tye-Dye option was released late last year. Recently, Cane Creek has added a shorter 165mm length to the offering and another limited edition eeWings “Raven” crankset that features black arms.

We wanted to know more about the team behind the eeWings crankset, so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity for you to ask Brent Grave, Jeff LaForge and Sam Anderson your questions.

Brent Graves – President and CEO
Brent is a bike industry veteran with 29 years of industry experience – most of which has been in product development with Diamondback, Manitou, BMC, Specialized, and now at Cane Creek since 2016. He loves to go fast – particularly on two wheels and around corners. He started racing bicycles in 1979 and holds multi-state and series championships in BMX, road, and MTB. When he isn’t breaking speed records on two wheels, Brent can be found rocking out to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath or Alter Bridge while playing with one or all of his six dachshunds.

Jeff LaForge – Senior Design Engineer
Jeff has 12 years of engineering development experience across both the automotive and cycling industries. Since he joined Cane Creek in 2017, he has played a major role in the development of all of the configurations of eeWings cranksets, Helm MKII, Thudbuster Generation 4 seatposts, and is working on other products you don’t know about yet! Jeff is an avid cyclist (clearly!), kayaker, flyfisher, and thru-hiked the Appalachian trail in 2010. Jeff is also currently gardening and eating snacks with his two soon-to-be shredders.

Sam Anderson – Product Manager
Sam officially started working at Cane Creek in 2014 – But has been affiliated with the company for nearly a decade. Sam’s connection to Cane Creek product and culture can be traced back to one of his true passions – Trail building. Sam’s natural vision, creativity, and dedication to the sport first caught the attention of Cane Creek’s Product Development team after the Pinkbike worldwide premier of Finding Flow (not bad for some kids with a mini-DV hand-held and a homemade cable cam!). When Sam is not in the office, out testing, or stacking dirt he can be found playing one of his many musical instruments, freestyle rapping, or gearing up to do battle out on the hockey rink!

How ‘Ask Us Anything’ Works:

Starting at 10:00 AM PDT/7:00 PM CET Today, July 9th, you can type your questions for Cane Creek into the comment box below this article and the guys will have a crack at answering them. Sometimes your answer will pop up in a few seconds; others may take a few minutes while Brent, Sam, and Jeff work their way through questions that are popping up. Everyone who posts a question, large or small, will be taken seriously.

To make this go as smoothly as possible, try to follow these guidelines:

• Keep your questions relevant
• Stay focused and to keep your questions on one topic if possible. You can always ask about another item later
• Try to keep your questions to about 100 words
• Ask Us Anything is a service to PB readers who are seeking helpful information, not a forum to broadcast opinions or grievances. If you do have an issue that you want to ask about, no worries, just keep your complaints relevant and in the context of a question so that it can be addressed in a productive manner
• Use propping to acknowledge good (or not so good) questions and bump them up or down to where they belong
• Please don’t “Reply” to other people’s questions and try to answer other people’s comments. This makes it confusing to follow the thread.

Other time zones:
• 1:00 PM EST (New York)
• 6:00 PM BST (London)
• 7:00 PM CET (Paris)
• 7:00 PM SAST (Cape Town)
• 3:00 AM AEST (Sydney, Australia)

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