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Cascade Components Announces Transition Sentinel and Patrol Linkage

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PRESS RELEASE: Cascade Components

We are pleased to finally officially announce our link for the V1 Transition Sentinel (2018-2020) and V3 Patrol (2018-2020)! The link adds a significant amount of progression for both frames while also increasing the travel slightly. The increase in progression improves small bump sensitivity, mid-stroke support, and bottom out resistance. This allows you to get, in the words of one of our testers, “at least 800% more pitted” than before. It’s no wonder the new Sentinel happens to have relatively similar kinematics. Descending, the link allows the rear suspension to stay smooth and maintain traction through the rough while also greatly improving composure during large impacts. We designed the link to leave climbing unaltered, which it is for the most part, but the mid-stroke support the link creates happens to help with pedaling while standing.

The link is initially available in silver, black, and blue.

This link is not for just coil shocks or just air shocks, but if you are running a coil the increase in progression will be extremely appreciated. The leverage curves for the link with both the Sentinel and Patrol are such that the shock will not need to be retuned either. Shock speed, which is proportional to damping force, is directly related to the leverage curve. As leverage ratio decreases shock speed increases and for a given leverage ratio the shock speed is identical regardless of frame or linkage. As a result, assuming a certain input velocity the damping force for our link is equal to the damping force with the stock link at the point where the leverage curves intersect, lower at all points before the intersection, and higher at all points after. The built in damping on any shock should have a wide enough range for you to get it dialed in. If you have found settings or a tune that feels good with the stock link you can bet it will feel even better with this link.

On another note, Transition has been quite open to the idea of this link. They have stated that installing the link will not void your warranty.

Specs and Details

Cost: $315
For more details please visit: cascadecomponents.bike/transition-linkages/.

Testing the Sentinel link out in the Leavenworth area

Erik Hatch discovering he could get 800% more pitted

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