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BrakeAce’s Power Meter Is Designed to Help Riders Improve Their Braking

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At BrakeAce, we want to help you get faster.

We surveyed riders at races and online, and 96% of them said that changing their braking habits would help them ride faster and have more fun. To date, it has been impossible to measure or record your braking with any meaningful data. Without any data or useful ways to understand it, everything related to braking has been left to guesswork.

We are here to change that.

Photo c o Robbie Dalziel

Our custom analytics are based on years of research from real MTB rides around the world

Using our patented brake power meter, BrakeAce automatically scores your braking based on numerous factors, turning incredibly complex raw data into simple, custom metrics. You can use these metrics to compare with your friends and as a starting point to measure your improvement. Say goodbye to guesswork!

Modulation Score? Yup.

Brake Effectiveness? Mmhmm.

How many times did you Brake Check? BrakeAce shows you.

Advanced corner analysis and Event Type characterizations

Our unique scores let you understand what you did and identify weaknesses no matter what level you are at. The advanced cornering analysis is a deep-dive for top riders.

And there’s more: BrakeAce filters through every single brake event to show you what to do next.

You could be braking over 100 times on a single descent. This is a lot to digest when you want to get faster. BrakeAce cuts through the noise and helps you improve in bite-size chunks called your Key Opportunities—these are the places on the trail you can improve the most. As you head back to these Key Opportunities and improve with new lines and brake technique, BrakeAce ticks them off and shows you the next section to tackle.

bigquotes We tested with BrakeAce for 2 days and I couldn’t believe how much I was brake checking or how little I used the front brake. We tidied up a few braking events, tried new lines on my Key Opportunities and that’s about it. I got a new fastest time.
-Caleb Bottcher, NZ National XC Team

XC riders and roadies know that power meters have changed the game and helped them reach new heights in their fitness over the last 20 years. But while training tech for fitness riders is on every one of their bikes, there has never been any usable data for the mountain biker who wants to ride faster and have more fun.

bigquotes We know that you can go faster just by changing your braking, but even if riders could collect braking data, raw numbers don’t really say much. Everyone has been blown away by their braking scores, and we both have huge smiles when we re-test with BrakeAce after a few runs. The data makes us ride more and think about riding more.”
-Matt Miller, BrakeAce Inventor & Founder

Photo c o Ezra Newick

EWS Pro, Sam Shaw, testing BrakeAce in Rotorua

BrakeAce started as a University project, but we soon realized that this didn’t exist anywhere else. Dr Matt Miller, a New Zealand-based professional MTB coach who invented the brake power meter, founded BrakeAce after leaving his university job. SENSITIVUS Gauge from Denmark are working in collaboration with BrakeAce on sensing duties.

BrakeAce is available for this season to riders who want to get fast now.

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