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Bontrager Release Grips Made with Used Fishing Nets

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The new XR Trail Grips from Bontrager uses a new core made in collaboration with Plastix, a recycling company that captures plastic waste that would otherwise end up being discarded.

Plastix’s main source of plastic is fishing nets and ropes which normally end up either in the ocean or in a landfill. In 2018 the UN Environment Programme estimated that between 600,000–800,000 metric tonnes of fishing waste enter the world’s oceans every year with each item taking up to 600 years to break down.

Once Plastix has collected the plastic waste they then sort, shred, wash, separate and then dry the material before creating green plastic pellets that can be used to manufacture products.

bigquotes A grip core is a small thing, but small things can add up to something meaningful. We believe in Plastix’ vision for a circular economy for plastic, where this material is never considered waste, and we’re excited to partner with them on this essential step.Michael Fitch, Trek’s Director of Product for Essentials

This latest range of products is not a first for the bike industry as more and more companies are looking at different ways to create their products using alternative materials. Bontrager already makes their Bat Cage from fishing nets and Giro have a range of clothing that uses recycled nylon, polyester and elastane from fishing nets and ocean waste.
The XR Trail Grip can be found in three different models. The first is the XR Trail Pro, this option is a dual lock-on grip with a wider 32mm diameter and it features the CoreLock design for more secure positioning.

Next up is the XR Trail Elite, it uses a 31mm diameter and an alloy CoreLock design with higher density endcaps to resist scraping. The final model is the XR Trail Comp which uses just a single nylon CoreLock design to offer a cheaper option in the range of grips.

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